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Cover of Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot on a green, grassy background
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Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot
Whether deep in the ocean, under a starlit sky, or in the heart of a forest, Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot is a lyrical journey through some of the sounds and wonders of the natural world.

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Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is an important stopover site along the more than 3,000 mile migratory route, the Atlantic Flyway. Every winter, the refuge hosts more than one million waterfowl including tens of thousands of ducks and geese.
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May 2021 Release

The cover of the Wild Wonders of Maryland book shows a grid of plants and animals, and  is set against a backdrop of leaves and yellow flowers.
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Wild Wonders of Maryland
Come explore Maryland’s abundance of diverse marine life in the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary. Venture further to learn about a remnant boreal fen, mysterious shallow pools, a ribbon of barren land underlain by rare, oceanic rock known for its snakelike appearance, and so much more!

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Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot by C.E.  Moore

Buzz, Croak, Hiss, and Hoot

by C.E. Moore

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