October 24, 2021
Fun Paper Plants!
Nature Crafts

I took a break from all the computer screen time and made something with my own hands, which I miss doing! I have two templates available -- a monstera or alocasia plant-- for you to download and print if you want to make your own paper plant. Allow two to four hours from start to finish. Enjoy!

I cut out my leaves (alocasia shown here) on a medium-weight cardstock using a cricut maker which creates nice, clean edges. I used acrylic paint and a sponge to get a nice, textured look to the leaves.

I went around the edges of the green alocasia leaves with a prismacolor marker. The monstera leaves (middle picture) were also decorated with prismacolor markers and a black sharpie. I wanted to use some of my mom's handmade crochet holders as part of the plant container. I also wanted something to dye, so I bound them with rubber bands to create different effects on the fibers.

This was the result after using Rit dye in navy blue. Not a great detailed pic, but the rubber bands on some of the holders created nice lines around the container. For the final steps, I used peat pots and layered them with pebbles on the bottom and supermoss on the top in order to hold the stems firmly. I attached each leaf to a green wire using tape, and they were ready to display!

If you make this craft, or have your own paper plants to share, tag us on IG @earthboundbks

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