The Wild Wonders of Alabama book cover showing a grid of plants and animals.
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Explore Alabama's wild places and learn about one of the deepest canyons in the southeast United States, an ancient underwater cypress forest, and a lost world full of botanical treasures.

Three highlighted places:
• Little River Canyon National Preserve
• Bibb County Glades Preserve
• Splinter Hill Bog

Focus areas include learning the importance of ecosystems, understanding how a plant's physical characteristics can be used to identify it, and the role of fire in a longleaf pine ecosystem. Activities include a hidden objects puzzle, plant identification, pitcher plant coloring page, word search, and more.
Cover for Wild Wonders of Maryland
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Explore Maryland’s wild places and find an abundance of diverse marine life in the Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary. Venture further to learn about a remnant boreal fen, mysterious shallow pools, a ribbon of barren land underlain by rare, oceanic rock known for its snakelike appearance, and so much more!

Three highlighted places:
• Finzel Swamp Preserve
• Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area
• Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge

Focus areas include learning the complexities of a food web in a peatland environment, how the geology of a place can influence what type of plants can grow there, and looking at one of the major stops along the Atlantic Flyway. Activities include playing field detective, bird identification, navigating a blue crab through a water maze, crossword, and more.